Wednesday, March 4, 2015


 Coming from LittleHouse Needleworks.

From Jeanette Douglas the  next four charts and thread packs.

 The Nebby Needle is giving us several new charts and limited edition kits, two of which are shown here.

Needlework are pics of 3 of their new charts.  The special kits...Alphabet spool and Head bands are on order.  They were sold out by the time I got to their room and they are sending them to me along with some new sampler notepads.

Plum St Samplers has several new charts out and here's a pic of two. I've got their new series on order.

I've got to take a break loading pics as I can't remember who this pair belongs to...but I have the charts.  (Oh boy, it's been a long weekend!)


The 2 turkeys above are Bonnie and Clyde!

From Carriage House:

A new one from Chessie n Me...

From the Heart is bringing a year long series....Floral Postcard.  Here are the first three.

Also from From the Heart are these next 2 Quakers....

JBW Designs'  new ones that I have brought home:


Getting the goodies unpacked today.  More pics will go up later today.  Weather is yucky and tomorrow will probably be worse.  Call if you are coming out Thursday.  If the weather forecast holds and it starts snowing tonight at midnight and will snow all day Thursday, I probably won't be here.  I'll take the day and recover some more from market.  This market was tough this year.  More vendors than there has been, hence, more walking and carrying 'stuff'  and for some reason, the driving really got me, this year.  Oh well, it was FUN!!!!  Always get to meet designers and other shop owners and chat and catch up.

Stay tuned for more pics.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Kathy Barrick has done the above charts.  Love them all.  Bet you can't 'guess' which are my favorites!  (ha ha!)

Blackbird Designs has the one large book with 11 patterns and the 2 Rewards of Merit.

Beach's just one of the new beach charts coming home with me.

This is just one of the Chessie charts arriving soon in Lederach.  Will try and get pics of the others.

Gentle Arts' 4 new colors

And a new addition to the wool penny series from Hands on Designs.


Arrived at hotel at 4pm Friday.  We got upgraded in our room to the 'posh' 7th floor.....but.....we were downgraded from 2 double beds to 1 king..  Not used to sharing my bed with anyone but the cat.  Shopped for 3 hours Friday night and covered 1 floor with 3 more to go.  Want to cover 2 full floors today and hopefully start the last which we'll finish on Sunday.  Then we'll have the long drive home.  Weather cooperated and it was a long but easy drive.  Visited some shops on the way and enjoyed the drive.  Got to see new stuff from Kathy Barrick, Priscilla's Pocket, Stacy Nash, Ink Circles, Heartstring Samplery, Hands on Designs, SummerHouse Stitcheworkes and others.  Picked up a lot of show pre-orders.  Bags got heavy so we stopped around 8:45 and went back to the room and put our feet up!

Will try and get some pics up later today.  Gotta go to breakfast and stock up on some energy!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


On the way to Nashville early Wednesday.  Weather to be in 30's and clear for driving.  Stay tuned here on the blog and on Facebook for updates from the Road and the Nashville Market!

Friday, February 20, 2015


Here's the cover of the premier issue due out in about 70 days.  Make sure to get your copy, here!